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Twin-sensors (OMR sensor + Image sensor)

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  • SR-3500Hybrid OMR scanner has versatility to read the Mark data as well as Image data simultaneously.
  • Image capturing allows between 100dpi to 300dpi, Black & White (monochrome), Grayscale, FULL Color image.
  • High capacity Input ADF Tray (Max: 500sheets) provides easy operation on high volume OMR mark forms.



SR-3500 Hybrid could scan for small card to A4 Letter, Legal OMR forms. Scannable for the OMR marks with Images files on the OMR mark forms through 1 pass. Captured image can be select Full Color, Grayscale, and Monocrome (Black and White)


”Twin-head sensor” (Photo-reflection + Contact image sensor) realizes simultaneous capturing both of “image data” and “marked data” at once.
Any of OMR forms image can be captured by the Contact image sensors, and saved in the appropriated folder into the COMPUTER connecting with SR-3500 Hybrid. For example, these image data could be use to see the handwritten comment on the OMR mark form, or do the archiving to keep on behalf of mark form as it is.
OMR reading data is captured by the Photo reflection sensor, it has been using for long time as SEKONIC standard to keep the high accuracy same as other SEKONIC OMR’s.
These operations can be done with the “MarkView software for SR-3500 Hybrid” (Option).


For support accuracy rate 99.99%

  • 256 density detection (shows as 16steps on the software) provides accurate capture the OMR marks.
  • SR-3500 has function to eliminate the feeding errors (double feeding / no feeding) etc… to capture the OMR data correctly.


LCD display
It can show the condition of settings, the total count of scanning, etc… It’s provides operation more easy.


  • Valuable options
    * Select Stacker
    Select stacker has function to do reverse discharge.
    Sheets output tray are stuck the same orders as were loaded onto the Imput tray.
    (Ink jet printer includes in the select stacker it prints information such as consecutive numbering, dates,etc on each sheet)
    * MarkView software for SR-3500Hybrid
    General Reading Software. It can save Text or CSV file for easy to analize by the next application software.


Approved and compliant with worldwide Environmental regulations
SR-3500 Hybrid has following safety and standards to use of anywhere in the world.
FCC, UL, BSMI, KCC, BIS Approved. CE / RoHS Compliant