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Student ID Card

The question of identity and access to schools, college and university services are important part of student life. whereas, student ID card can have several and different functions with multiple applications.

As schools getting bigger and advance the demand for the security is also increasing. Having a ID card for students, employees, staff as well as the temporary visitors can be done easily and cost effectively. Used as a simple ID card or as a multifunctional card, Maltica providea flexible solutions to your card demand.

A card with a range of uses

From basic identity data to the most advanced encoding features,
student cards can have the following role ;

  • Identyfying students as members of school or university
  • Access to catering throughout the network ( campus food service, cafeterias, etc.)
  • Pay by using an e-wallet
  • Borrowing books and other materials from university libary
  • Participating in sport activities by signing up.
  • Access for restricted areas ( parking lot, buldings, classrooms, etc.)

A Sturdy, high - quality ID badge

With Elovis and Matica card printers, your school cards are printed on a sturdy PVC plastic medium which is resistant to wear and tear of daily use and give a High- quality graphics professional finish.


Print your card on demand

Evolis card printers are easy to use as a standard office printer which personalize your ID cards with school colors in few seconds. You can also repaint any lost ID card instantly and re- issue to students right away.

ZKBioSecurity Education Solution ( High School and University)

  • Teachers and Students Time Attendance Management
  •  Control the Order of the Attendance for both teachers and students
  • Show the subject name, teacher name etc. with the info on the T&A Terminal Screen.
  • Real time student position, people counting and route tracker inside the school
  • Smooth Integration with schedule of school's existing system
  • User friendly interface
  • BioHA 24 hours high availability solution


Student Attendance Record

ZKBioSecurity is designed to provide students a time attendance that records their attendance within the school area, just simply punch in the time attendence, the clock- in will be recorded.


Teacher and Student Attendance Record

ZkBioSecirity provides a system of prioritization for teachers and students for attendance recording. Teachers are required to stand infront of the screen, which match with the saved saved templates in school database before taking student's attendence, otherwise, student's attendence will not be recorded.


Real Time Dashboard

ZkBioSecurity allows you to quickly find the number of students within the area punctually. The number of students is indicated on E- map, and it also shows how many students have come-in through the libary entry gates.



Route Tracker

Route Tracker is GPS module for tracking/loading routes in Biosecurity that gives you a real-time response on your location. The GPS route tracking system can also display tracks from the past. You can easily search routes from the past and analyse it.


API/AD integrate with System of Secondary School and University

ZKBioSecurity can be merged with the school and university system, which permits companies to develop custom applications that connect directly with your school's software, therefore you can add features or do any improvement upon school management processes and you will have an opportunity to integrate to custome software application that is specialized for your needs.


View classroom Camera (Real Time Monitoring)

ZKBioSecurity contains the video survelliance function, takes real- time monitoring of all the classroom. The system allows you to view multiple cameras at the same time, view recorded images, search through archive footage, play back events, and much more.
Remote video surveillance is perfect for users who are often off-site and not able to be on the computer system where their IP cameras are connected.