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Durable, secure, and infromative driver's licenses

  • Sturdiness: laminating process to strengthen the durability of driver's licenses.
  • Visual quality: high-resolution printing for a flawless result.
  • Security: application of a varnish or a unique holographic patch to prevent the risk of counterfeiting.
  • Data encoding: integration of personal data (marital status, digital fingerprints, photo ID, signature, etc.) on the electronic chip in the driver's license, which then becomes a source of information for the relevant authorities.

Highly secure ID cards
To combat fraud, Evolis government card printers can produce national ID cards containing the following security measures:

  • A specific design and hologram for guaranteed authenticity
  • Magnetic strip encoding, contact or contactless chip for data security
  • Card lamination with UV finish for card durability

Decentralized ID card printing for an immediate result
Evolis ensures its hardware is reliable, robust, and easy to use on a daily basis. Due to the campact size of the government acrd printers, they can be used in each of your administrative offices.

Evoliscard machines;

  • Create high-quality, secure official documents
  • Provide immaculate print quality which gives you very fine writing and photo-standard
    colors can be printed

Physical and visual quality
Evolis guarantees perfect quality, both in terms of the card printing and the hardware itself;

  • The PVC medium guarantees the sturdiness and longevity of the cards
  • The printers are resistant to all kinds of pressures, such as high rate of use or climatic or geographical conditions

Highly secure, intelligent health insurance cards
As official documents, health cards must be highly secure and impossible to counterfeit. Evolis works with partners of choice such as Si-1 and Si-2. Together, they fulfill your specifications by creating a customized solution. Evolis plastic card printers have following technological capabilities:

  • All encoding technologies can be inregrated, allowing the cardholder's information
    to be recorded on th card ( personal data, insurance, entitlements, etc.)
  • Connects to your existing IT systems and guarantees security and traceability of data
  • Evolis also offers holographic and lamination ribbons to make the badge even more
    secure and durable.

Nowdays,the management of administrative paperwork is proving to be a challenge for governmental bodies and institutions which are willing to improve their efficiency and ensure tamperproof security for the citizen data. Governments and local authorities generate huge quantities of official documents, receipts, registrations forms and more, which are still printed on paper for signing
purposes. They need to be approved, signed and stored securely, which cost a lot of money, time, space and maintenance.

digital signature paper document centralization workflow in financial institutions

Electronic handwritten signatures to save paper and time
With the Evolis Signature pads, all administrative documents are electronically created and citizens only have to sign them digitally. They are filed and stored automatically

Digital signature paperless centralization workflow

The Evolis signature pads are the best choice for capturing electronic handwritten signatures at teller and counter locations. These reliable devices guarantee a low total cost of ownership (TCO).


Benefits of Evolis electronic Signature pads for governments and administrations

Save Money
The time of unnecessary is over. The Evolis Digital Signature pads eliminate the costs related to many steps that reqire teh whole process: rinting, archiving, retrieving and sending paper and consumables. In addition, the digital process eliminates potential document loss.


Time saving and focus on efficiency

Now, governments and institutions can save time by automating the presentation and signing of documents.Retrieving any citizen’s document is now instantaneous and simple, while it used to be a very tiresome process. Now, save time can be used in more efficient way. The civil servants can not only dedicate more time and better quality service but also can take care of more people per day.


Citizen's satisfaction
Procedures are much reduced and Sig pads are easy to use. Therefore citizens’ satisfaction is improved.


Easy to use
The integration of Sig pads in existing environments is made easy thanks to the free SDK (Software Development Kit), therefor, anyone with a little technical knowledge can use it. The whole process is digital in order to be easier and more efficientwhich increases the speed and reduces the inconvenience of processing times. The official documents are now easy to recall, via simpler digital database queries.


Long-term investment
The Evolis digital pads are strong. The greatest attention has been paid to materials from which they are made. Their surface is scratc-resistance for maximum lifetime and the 2- years warranty makes them a long-term investment.


Increased security
The Evolis Signature pads digitize the signatures in high resolution and can be used to record biometric data, such as writing speed and pressure for forensics expertise. Secure data transfer between the pads and the computer is ensured using AES (Adavnced Ancryption Standard).