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In the health and hospital environment, it is important to identify employees for progressive flow and secure access to the  stablishments. Hospital ID cards are  the most suitable way to respond to the security needs of these establishments.

Through the in introduction of the electronic healthcare card, there is an ongoing high demand for personalized smarts cards. Matica and Evolis offers wide range of personalized solutions to fulfill such requirements.

Printing, Encoding, Embossing, Mailing- we have multiskilled, configurable solutions for patients and employees meeting comprehensive compliance requierements.


An ID badge for all your hospital employees

In hospital environment, badges help you to identify and differentiate between the various categories of employees like medical staff, administration, security, etc. The badge holder's data can be printed on the surface of the badge or, depending on the method of used, encoded on the badge; first name surname, photo, role, department, building access, etc.

An indispensible access badge for the hospital environment

Evolis card printers include modules allowing personal data to be encoded directly within the card, which is capable fo storing a large quantity of information. So, its a guarantee that your employees access is protected to the various zones  within the establishment, and strangthen the security of patients and hospital
staff :

  • Treatment rooms,
  •  Operating theatres,
  •  Company Canteen
  •  Staff rooms, etc.

Patience ID

For security reasons, hospitals are proividing an ID card to each of their patients. Not only the personal bt alphanumeric data are printed on the card. Full color images and the individual medical data incl. history can be encoded on the chip. Maltica and Elovis makes you easy and comfortable for printing and encoding of such Patient ID cards.

Hospital Visitor ID

Adminsitration, Medical staff or a visitor and even a individual, you can allow to enter the area by a simple ID card. Visitor ID cards are very easy to produce. Matica and Evolis offerings you to have a fine printing solution.

Insurance Cards

Now, you can print your insurance data on a card and in case you need access to this data, you just have to present the card. The data are either printed or stored in a chip or both as you needed. Matica and Evolis offers the right tools for service bureaus or healthcare organizations to produce insurance cards with mailing solutions by making it easy to personalize individual demands.


Pathology Laboratory

In the pathology laboratory, barcodes such as the Quick Response (QR) Code can be utilized for any step where correct specimen identification is necessary (which is ALL steps!). Barcoding can be imprinted to specimen containers, cassettes, requisitions, and slide labels. The information contained within the barcode label is then linked to the laboratory information system (LIS), allowing verification of identification throughout the entire movement of the specimen, from receipt to sign out. Not only does barcode technology improve identification accuracy, but this technology also provides a means to track the specimen progress in "real time" as it moves through each step towards case completion.