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Matica LCP8000

Exclusively developed for corporate and governmental sectors, the LCP8000 laser color personalization system offers unprecedented security and forgery protection. The system’s modular design not only provides you with the combined power of high definition retransfer printing, laser engraving and inline lamination within a single process. It also creates a scalable solution that can be tailored to both current and future needs of your production.

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What makes up the LCP laser color personalization system

Three individual components allow the LCP8000 to surpass some of the most advanced laser card printers on the market. First, the high-end XID8600 retransfer module takes care of full-color over-the-edge printing in a superior 600 dpi resolution. Next, the card lands in the LEU8000 compact laser engraver, before finally heading to the Inline Lamination Module (ILM) for a fresh layer of clear, holographic or customized laminate.

Each step happens subsequently within a single pass. For full color printing in combination with engraving, this laser ID card printer can achieve the throughput of up to 120 cards per hour (single-sided). This not only makes it one of the fastest systems on the market, but also helps achieve an efficient and low-maintenance production environment.

How each module contributes to LCP 8000’s unrivaled security

Safety measures for complex ID cards start with the production process itself. Therefore, all modules within this LCP laser card printer come equipped with security locks that limit access of consumables to authorized personnel only.

Due to this model’s innovative assembly, a whole range of security features can be employed in a variety of combinations. The ultra high definition printing module can be used to create microtext, UV text or security graphical elements. The duplex laser marker, featuring an engraving density from 600 to 1,600 dpi, allows the integration of tactile effects, as well as CLI or MLI. Lastly, the lamination module is capable of applying holographic laminate for extra durability and protection. Taken together these measures make credential forgery and manipulation virtually impossible.

The flexibility of the modular design

Apart from having the freedom to define, upgrade and adjust the security features on your ID cards, the modularity of this premium system additionally enables customization to meet the precise requirements of your institution. High-output demands can also benefit from the capacity to connect up to 4 feeder modules for a parallel workflow within a single cluster. Up to ten machines can be operated through Matica’s Advanced Intelligent Printer Management feature, creating a highly-available environment due to its capability of redundant production load balancing.

The flexibility of the LCP laser color personalization system is furthered through the option to personalize all card materials such as PVC, ABS, PET-G, PET/PC, PETix and Polycarbonate. Easy setup, straightforward handling and reliable service round off what this model has to offer. Taken together, the LCP8000 is a robust and reliable solution to satisfy the most sophisticated security needs in the corporate or governmental applications alike.