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Fanvil X5S Enterprise IP Phone

3.5'' Color Screen+DSS Screen The Best Choice for Enterprise

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The X5S IP phone is a dynamic business communications tool for superior voice communications and extended DSS screen functionality. It has a faster, more responsive interface than the X3/X4 and offers better overall performance. The X5S is a 16-line IP phone and 3.5 inch large color screen. What's more, the X5S is built with Gigabit Ethernet technology for rapid call handling. Plus, with an all-new USB port, the X5S boasts unparalleled functionality and expansibility with Bluetooth, USB recording features.

Web Page with Mobile Phone
Scan X5S screen QR code ot get into web page. Web page can be accessed with mobile phone at any time, anywhere

Phone Hotspot
Serveral phones share one number from server, and each phone has its extension number to contact/transfer/conference others.